Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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Breaking the Global Scientific Supremacy through Open Access Journals 

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Breaking the Global Scientific Supremacy through Open Access Journals

Break the world scientific leadership through open access journals 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Probiotics, Functional and Baby Foods - Probiotics 2017

Probiotics hold the key not just for better health and a stronger immune system, but also for healing digestive issues, mental health illness, and neurological disorders. The gut microenvironment has an effect on the nutrition, feed conversion and disease of the host, thereby maintaining the microbial ecology of the gut. During the periods of stress, illness or antibiotic treatment, the gut flora is often changed in favor of harmful bacteria that may cause diarrhea and loss of appetite. Overgrowth of the harmful bacteria and its subsequent invasion of the system lead to inflammatory, immunological, neurological and endocrinological problems. Induction of the growth of beneficial bacteria is one of the possible solutions to normalize the health conditions. Probiotic microorganisms can shape the immune system both at the local and systemic level which will allow future probiotics as treatments for many diseases. Probiotics seem to have promising role in shortening duration of infections or decreasing susceptibility to the pathogens. Use of the different strains, dosage, duration of treatment and smaller size of the trials makes interpretation of the available data more difficult.

Probiotics Market size was valued at USD 36.6 billion in 2015, with over 7% CAGR growth expectation from 2016 to 2023. This latest global probiotic market report predicts revenue in ingredient sales to exceed USD 64 billion by 2023. Global functional food market was valued at USD 19.24 billion in 2007, growing to over USD 31 billion in 2014, with health benefits offered beyond the traditional nutrition function. Functional foods have steadily gained acceptance, driven by the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases. 
Guts are 70% responsible for keeping the immune system strong, and keeping the body fit, and reducing obesity. These ingredients help in treating diseases such as intestinal inflammation, urogenital infections, and antibiotic associated diarrhea by fighting against bad bacteria in the guts.
In 2015, yogurts accounted for over 57% of the probiotic dairy products industry revenue and over 50% of the global probiotics market size. Growing gut health awareness has been driving per capita expenditure on these ingredients across key regions. Prevalence of digestive disorders in Japan, the U.S., and Western Europe will benefit demand.

Key players operating in the probiotics market include BioGaia AB, Danone, Chr. Hansen Holding A/S, Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd., Probi AB, Lifeway Foods, Inc., Nestle S.A., Ganeden, Inc., E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, and Protexin.

Conferenceseries LLC welcomes and invites all the participants from over the world to attend The 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Probiotics, Functional and Baby Foods.
Conferenceseries LLC is the only scientific organization dedicated specifically to probiotics, bringing together scientists from all pertinent disciplines, including food science, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, nutrition, molecular biology and medicine.
Probiotics 2017 highlights the theme “Probiotics from Research to Market: An Innovative Approach for Healthy Microbiota and Immune System”  Probiotics 2017 event is designed in a way that it provides all the participants a platform to expand their ideas on recent advances made in the science of probiotics, highlighting their current and future roles in maintaining health and preventing diseases. Facilitating a global co-operation between scientists and institutions is another benefit. Probiotics 2017 will be a landmark event for the establishment of collaborations and direct knowledge distribution among doctors, physicians, business delegates, expert professionals and academicians, scientists and researchers exploring the field of Probiotics, PrebioticsFood Technology and Nutrition.
Why you should attend Probiotics 2017 International conference?
This scientific conference will bring an opportunity to share potential benefits, applications and challenges followed by future opportunities of probiotics in preventing and controlling a wide range of diseases affecting adults, infants, animals and environment thereby escalating the quality and endurance of life. Furthermore, participants will get an opportunity to meet those who have made a positive impact on the past as well as influenced the present and notably those who will alter the future of probiotics by means of regulatory efforts, clinical trials, basic research, or development of industrial technology.

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